Supporting You, Supporting your Children

Our Quandary – We parents have a lot to think about…

  • Life is busy - school, work, homework, practices, games, recitals, lessons, meals, cleaning, yard work…
  • Pervasive Technology - what are my kids being exposed to?
  • Desire to raise Caring Kids — not enough time in the day to expose to social issues.
  • And not least of which are the world problems affecting our kids’ futures - hunger, extinction, poverty, pollution…

HAN?’s Solution – We have a way to…

  • Teach our kids about world problems in an age-appropriate way.
  • Make socially-relevant learning easy and fun.
  • Give parents an accessible resource for planning charitable parties.
  • Create a time and place to share with your kids, learning together.
  • Help you raise kids who are the solution.


Simply put, because we all care a lot. We care about others, about the earth and about our kids’ future.

And, we think we’ve found a tasty recipe… harness the ethic of care our children naturally possess, generously add the desire of parents to raise kids that make a difference, throw into the mix the power of people acting together, and we’ve baked a birthday cake for the future that’s more icing than cake.

Three young girls and a 'peace symbol' cake
Little girl with donated art supplies