Cultivating your Next Generation
of Supporters

Easy-Peasy, Make Fundraising Steezy

Never enough money. Staff with too much to do. We get it… we’ve lived in the non-profit world for years. Although you rely heavily on individual giving, every one of those relationships takes work to develop.

We also understand how frequently folks talk about getting involved or donating but how often hectic lives can trump the giving instinct. Once launched, the How About Now? charitable party site will offer busy parents the opportunity, ease and convenience of exposing their children to your cause in a fun and meaningful way with lasting impacts and relationships for them… and for you.

But you’re busy too, so we’re dedicated to making this easy. You’ll have a unique login and web portal, control over your content, access to stats and (when they opt-in) contact info for the givers we generate for you. The application process is fast and there will be opportunities for greater integration of your message with game-play and linked stories as well.

Blowin’ it Up – Like a Balloon

Of course, we keep in mind that network-focused donation systems not only give, but keep on giving. We believe that little can be better for non-profit development than engaging donor candidates early, offering a lifetime of donor-cultivation potential with only marginal donor-maintenance requirements.

Your enrollment in the HAN? non-profit beneficiary list is a low-resource-cost event that has the potential to propagate your message not only to an increasing number of young people, but also to the parents who want to encourage their engagement. Parents who obviously embrace the giving ethic and will become interested in your cause… because their child is.

With each party, party-goers that may not have thought of a charitable party will be exposed to the concept and to your non-profit if it’s chosen by the host. That means a potentially expanding donor base, and a steadily increasing chance of receiving unsolicited, cost-free donations from a new support base. For the small amount of initial effort it will take to register your group, there’s little reason not to get connected.

As our capacity expands, we’re looking forward to deepening our relationship with our most popular non-profit beneficiaries. Joint leveraging in grant opportunities, support for your own special events and more are in the offing. So get connected, stay in touch, and let us know if you have any follow-up contact with our party-goers. We’re hoping you do well.

Basket with items donated from a How About Now? party

Simple steps to
partner with HAN?

  • Fill Out Partnership Application
  • Set up Account
  • Share Content with HAN?
  • Link from your Website
  • Create Revenue Stream with Virtually No Work
  • Reach Your Next Generation of Supporters