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We’re delighted that you share our vision for helping kids to build their own better future. How About Now? is currently an all-volunteer group, but with your help, we’ll be able to gather professionals around us that will join you in helping to create a fantastic, fun place to give.

Make a secure online donation

or send a check to:

How About Now?
PO Box 64
Eliot, ME 03903

Almost all donations are tax-deductible. To discuss donation possibilities, contact Megan at .

How To Help

We have a big, but exciting job ahead of us, and almost any kind of help is welcome! If you’d like to find a place with us, you can donate your time and skills, and in return, not only will you get our gratitude in big, big buckets, you’ll also have the satisfaction of helping untold numbers of kids to learn about the world they live in, and about the positive power they hold to change the world.

Contact us and let us know how you want to get involved. We’re open to your help, ideas and suggestions.

Of Special Interest:

  • Online game developers
  • Graphic artists
  • Authors
  • Web developers and programmers
  • Fundraisers
  • Your thoughts and suggestions
  • Non-Profits interested in joining ‘How About Now?’
Little girl with donated art supplies