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  1. What is this all about?

    This is about having fun, learning and giving, all at the same time.

  2. Why should I play these games?

    We know kids love games. We love games too! We are so psyched to create these games for you. The games and stories are super fun and you’ll be able to learn more about your world and how to help this world become an even better place!

  3. Why should I host a charitable party?

    Giving feels great! When you find a cause that you care about and ask your friends to donate instead of bringing gifts to your party, we know that you will feel so psyched about your donation and your effort in supporting the cause you’ve chosen that you won’t miss the gifts that your friends would have normally brought you.

  4. I love gifts. What about gifts?

    We love gifts too! And there’s a good chance your parents will still get you a gift or in the very least, your grandparents, right!? No one wants you to give up loving or wanting gifts, we’re just giving you a chance to do both and help a cause while you’re celebrating your birthday. Why? Because we know you’ll love the feeling of helping others.

  5. Will it really make a difference?

    We think so! Imagine helping a child your age get a meal. Imagine saving dolphins from being killed for no good reason. Imagine kids, your age, attending schools that don’t have enough money for classroom supplies. Imagine being able to help. You can! It takes each of us to do our small part in a big world. Imagine if each of us just did one small thing to help others, this world would be a better place to live.

  6. Why should I?

    Why? Because it’s probably time that we come up with a new way to celebrate. A celebration that’s less about what we get, and more about the things and people we care about. A celebration that gives kids, like you, a fun and easy way to help those in need. You can help your friends – and even their parents – to be more aware and active caregivers of this place we call home.

  7. What will my friends think?

    Well, we don’t know your friends but if they are like most kids, they’ll think you’re pretty great for hosting a birthday party where you’re giving to others… and we think they might do the same once they see how it’s done. We also think they might just join your efforts in caring. Kids are pretty amazing so we have a lot of confidence in your friends – and in you – to make a difference.


Visit the How It Works Page for a comprehensive overview of How About Now?

Real Simply, how does HAN? work?

How About Now? offers two components to the website:
  • Games/Interactive Stories
  • Charitable Party Hosting

HAN? allows children to play, read and learn online in a manner that not only entertains but also educates and fosters caring.

HAN? allows parents and children to host charitable birthday parties online in a simple, easy, safe, fun, and convenient manner.

Party Basics

  1. How does HAN? benefit my child and my family?

    • HAN? offers games and interactive stories that matter.
    • HAN? offers you an easy way to expose your child to social issues.
    • HAN? offers your child a fun and simple way to support a cause she cares about.
    • HAN? Is easy, convenient and does the party planning for you.
  2. How does a HAN? Party benefit a parent?

    HAN? sponsored parties make it easy for parents to host a different kind of party. It’s easy, fun and hassle-free, and can be done online with your child involved. Even as you efficiently get the party planned, you’ll be introducing your children to age-appropriate social issues as they play games, and interact with screened content that will engage their curiosity in the world around them. You’ll be supporting their growth and confidence and also receiving support for your planning of this unique party.

  3. What if my child resists?

    We think your child might resist at first. Our children did. As parents, though, we knew that regardless of their hesitation to forgo gifts for donations, we were teaching our children a valuable lesson — a lesson that felt more important long-term than their need for presents.

    Self-discovery of causes they care about is at the start of this process. Once your child feels the joy and pride of giving and connects with a cause that they truly care about, you will have planted a small seed that will grow deep roots as your child matures.

    Receiving donations in lieu of gifts is perhaps not always met with immediate enthusiasm, but it will definitely make children feel more special on a special day – and they might just continue to ask for their parties to be charitable.

  4. What will other parents think?

    This can be awkward for some parents. What will parents think if we host a party without gifts and they host a party with gifts? Will they feel uncomfortable asking us to bring gifts to their child’s next party? What will others think?

 From our experience, numerous questions have been asked about why we are doing this. Opinions have been expressed about birthdays being the time to get gifts. Sympathy for our children has been expressed because it is believed that our children are “missing out”.

    It’s never easy to do something out of the ordinary but it is easy to follow through on what you truly believe in – even if it is the less popular option.

    This has never been about judging others - it’s just a simple change that we, as a family, are making because our kids love the way it makes them feel, it’s good for them, and it’s better for our family.

  5. What will other kids think?

    Surprisingly, we have heard less from kids about this than we have from parents. Kids, in our experience, seem to just go with the flow and are more interested in the activities of the party than they are in the gift giving. We have seen the trend of donations, in lieu of gifts, grow over the years and we’d like to think that having participated in a charitable birthday party as a guest has allowed children to see the benefits of giving to others.

  6. Can I plan the entire party online?

    Yes. You and your child are able to explore non-profits, chose a cause, create invitations, send the invitations, receive RSVP’s and collect donations online.

    You can also visit the online store to purchase eco-friendly party goods that will mean half a dozen less errands as the day approaches.

  7. Will HAN? send any acknowledgment or thank you to party host?

    HAN? will send the host a birthday card and a donation/impact statement that the party has generated.

    For example, the host will receive a card that states, “Happy Birthday Doug - Your party raised $340 dollars toward ending childhood hunger! You and your friends did a great job!”

    And, we will send a package with a party favor for guests from How About Now?

  8. My child is already interested in a local charity. Can we benefit that charity even if it’s not already included in the HAN?-supported non-profit list?

    Definitely. Just give us some notice so that we can contact the charity, and do some basic due-diligence so that we can feel confident we aren’t helping to arrange support for a group that your guests would feel was not worthy of their support. In most cases, we can get through that process in just 24 hours, but we like to review the non-profits before your invitations are issued to your guests so that we can get some information about your beneficiary up on the HAN? site for your guests to see.

    Our review of party-host-selected local charities is necessarily somewhat more cursory than it is for those non-profits in our partner list because – if you think they’re worth supporting, we probably do too. But our relationship with our non-profit partners is something very personal at our end and we definitely would like to get to know your local charity. In the end, they may join our list of HAN? non-profit partners. If that happens, you could be offering them much, much more than just the donations that come from your party.

Invitee and Guest Questions

  1. How do guests make a donation?

    Guests are able to link to the site directly from their invitation, logging into the party with the provided sign-in info, find out who’s coming, play games online with the other guests, and much more. Guest families can even make donations via Pay Pal or with a major credit card. It’s quick, easy and secure.

  2. Will the host know the individual donation amounts?

    The host will not know what each guest donated. Individual donation amounts are kept private but the host will receive a total donation amount that his/her party generated.

  3. What if I don’t want to pay online or RSVP online?

    If you do not feel comfortable donating online or posting your RSVP to the party online but you still want to do both, you can call or email your host and RSVP and bring a donation to the party. Or you can just mail your donation directly to us, and we’ll send it, with the others, to the non-profit of choice.

  4. Will my donation be tax deductible?

    Yes, for most people, your donation will be tax deductible. How About Now? is a 501c3.

  5. Will I get a tax deduction letter of receipt?

    Yes, each guest who makes a donation will receive a tax-deductible receipt.

  6. Can I print and/or email my card to the birthday child?

    Yes. We’ve found that it’s more fun for the guest to bring a card that he or she created on the site to the party. Either option is great.

  7. What if I don’t want to RSVP online or donate, can I still create a birthday card for the party’s host?

    Regardless of whether you chose to donate or RSVP, you may still create a card for your party host.


  1. How do the charities get the money?

    How About Now? sends the donated monies to the charities on a monthly basis in the name of the birthday host(s).

  2. How much of the donation goes directly to the charity?

    In order to operate, HAN? collects a small percentage to cover costs. Your entire donation, except for 5%, goes directly to the non-profit of choice. For example, if you make a $20 donation, HAN? will direct just $1.00 of that donation toward keeping the site running.


  1. What’s different about the games that will be on HAN?

    The games that your children play on HAN? will teach them about social responsibility and various social issues that are age-appropriate and educational. At the same time, these games and interactive stories are super-fun so your child can enjoy the site and you can both feel good and be entertained.

  2. Why would I want my child playing these games?

    Most kids have a thing for computer games. The majority of parents, whom we know, say, “yes” at least part of the time. Our experience is that many of the sites our kids enjoy offer no educational value – or values of any sort other than an idle diversion.

    HAN? offers a site that you will value as a parent, and a place that your child will enjoy, and a community he or she will feel a part of.

  3. Is my child’s identity completely protected with the creation of user name and avatar?

    Yes. We only ask each child (with the help from an adult) to create a user name, an avatar and a password. We do ask for a valid email address for verification and log-on procedures.

    When hosting a party, we assume you will use your child’s first name and for tax purposes, an adult user will be able to print a tax-deductible receipt with the use of full name.

  4. What social/environmental topics will HAN? be introducing to my child in these games?

    HAN? can expose children to issues such as hunger, pollution, extinction, climate change, poverty, conservation, animal wildlife, health, nutrition and so much more. The wide range of issues that HAN? can open your child’s heart and mind to are limited only by quantity, quality and types of non-profits that we partner with.

  5. How do I know if the Non-Profit is credible?

    HAN? will research non-profits so that you can relax and know that we have done the background checks on our non-profit partners for you. We’ll provide links, when available, to evaluation sites; the non-profit’s site, and federal non-profit tax filings. You’ll be able to contact any non-profit directly to ask more about what they do and how they do it if you desire.


Visit the How It Works Page for a comprehensive overview of How About Now?

  1. Can I apply to have my non-profit on HAN?

    While we’re in this building process though, we ask that you send us an inquiry using our >contact us form so we can let you know when we’re ready for non-profit applicants.

  2. What is the benefit of having my non-profit on site?

    Non-profit partners can anticipate:

    • A low-resource-cost revenue stream.
    • Outreach to a new generation of donors.
    • Education opportunities for youth (and their parents) about your cause.
    • A possible increase in mailing lists (for those families that opt-in) and, correspondingly, in donor opportunities.
  3. Will I really capture a new generation of supporters?

    As a non-profit, you know the impact of kids learning to give at a young age. You also know the impact of generating care and concern about a cause – especially your cause. It is true for non-profits that care: action and donating is what you need in order to make the change you envision. So yes, we think this exposure to a younger generation and the cultivation of their care and concern will grow your next generation of donors and supporters.

  4. As a Non-Profit Partner, what is required of us?

    What’s required and what we’d like to ask of you are two different answers:

    Nothing is required other than being a stand-up, reputable non-profit with an issue that’s age-appropriate for youth. We ask that you offer a ‘blurb’ for youth and their parents about your goals and mission and why it all matters.

    We hope you’d be willing to partner with us by sharing content about your non-profit for our site and linking HAN? from your site to our site in order to increase visitors and increase your revenue stream and visibility within a younger generation.

    We would also hope that you would change and edit the content our users are seeing about your site in order to keep it up-to-date and fresh for users.

    We’ll give you the opportunity to provide content that can integrate with online games designed to help kids learn about your cause (and those of our other partners) in a way that’s engaging and enhances a child’s exposure to your issue.

    And, of course, our team will provide guidance and help you do all of the above.

  5. Can we put a link for HAN? on our website?

    Yes. We would be happy if you would. It will increase visits to our site and hopefully, in turn, increase your revenue stream from HAN? and your younger generation of supporters.

  6. It doesn’t seem like a very big revenue stream?

    HAN? will offer Non-Profit Partner exposure to a younger generation and their parents. Although your monthly revenue initially may be sporadic, the relationships we help you build with youth and families will have impact over time.

    Remember, too, that a party with a dozen kids brings up to two-dozen parents into contact with your cause. Each of those twelve kids will be deciding what kind of party he or she will have next year, and another dozen will be coming to that one. The viral potential of this idea could be significant over time. And the cost to your non-profit is minimal. Why not pursue your mission of educating others about your cause and get a little boost from an enthusiastic young supporter (and all her friends) once in a while?


Visit the How It Works Page for a comprehensive overview of How About Now?

  1. Real Simply, how does HAN? work?

    How About Now? offers two components to the website:
    • Games/Interactive Stories
    • Charitable Party Hosting

    HAN? allows children to play, read and learn online in a manner that not only entertains but also educates and fosters caring.

    HAN? allows parents and children to host charitable birthday parties online in a simple, easy, safe, fun, and convenient manner.

  2. What problems does HAN? address?

    • Lack of convenience and lack of time limits the likelihood that parents will choose to host charitable birthday parties and expose their children to social issues.
    • Few educational and engaging alternatives to the many questionable online diversions available to kids.
    • The over-consumption of “stuff” at birthdays and other gift-giving occasions.
    • The need to raise philanthropic kids in the midst of fast-paced, busy lives.
  3. My company/foundation wants to get involved, who can we contact?

    We would love to talk to you and we are happy to talk via any communication method you prefer: over the phone or via email. Just use the contact us form to start the conversation. Thanks!

  4. I would like to talk to someone about an individual donation, whom should I contact?

    First of all, thanks! We would love to talk with you about your interest in supporting How About Now? Our contact us form is the best way to initiate conversations, or call or email. Plus, you can always use our Donate button to help support us whenever you like.

  5. How will HAN? measure success?

    Success Criteria:

    • Website rated by majority of youth visitors as “fun”, “learned something I didn’t know.”
    • Website rated by majority of parent visitors as “convenient”, “easy to use” and “of value to my child.”
    • Majority of unique visitors that play at least two games or read two stories then create a party plan.
    • Within one year of rollout, non-profit partner list has a variety of partners and recipients of party donations.
    • List of subscribers to newsletter/news feed increases annually.
    • HAN? is self-sustaining within three years.

    HAN? is committed to complete transparency of all activities and decision making in order to maintain the trust and confidence of the public. We’ll make the best of every opportunity you give us to demonstrate our value to the parents, kids and non-profits we serve.

    HAN? will focus on keeping overhead costs low so we can send the greatest amount of funds possible to our non-profit partners.