About Us

How About Now? is a 501c3 non-profit organization that realizes the need for a game changer in the way we approach social issues. Non-profits work incredibly hard and do critical work, yet our world problems continue to grow. We want to help. How About Now? is working toward raising kids who understand the world and kids who care. We will provide access to fun, engaging learning opportunities for kids. We will help parents teach their kids about the global and local issues that other non-profits address. We will help non-profits share their messages with young people and receive donations from charitable birthday parties.

We are currently all volunteer, but we aspire to engage the talents of many professionals in building and maintaining a web presence that kids will love, parents will find convenient, and non-profits will find advances their missions.

Ultimately, How About Now? will support parents, kids, and many hardworking non-profits, magnifying the effect of donor dollars through the giving of generations to come.

The Need

It was in 2007, when adopting their youngest child from Guatemala that Megan Shapiro-Ross and her husband, Eric realized they needed to enhance their children’s understanding of life in third world nations. Despite their best intentions and their success in touching upon many social topics, they felt they didn’t do enough to add to the growth of their children’s hearts and minds.

With all good intentions, their busy lives trumped the teaching of social issues. And on their own, their kids gravitated to online gaming and other diversions that in many cases carry little educational value.

How could Megan and Eric conveniently advance their own goals as parents, and also encourage their kids to feel the joy of making a difference in things they care about and issues they can relate to?

The Solution

How About Now? is envisioned as an easy-to-use, accessible and fun way to support children’s learning about social issues. Designed to be a tool for parents that will grow as their family grows, and will support them in educating their children, it is a strategic model for spreading the habit of giving and making it fun. We will use age-appropriate games, stories and videos to engage and peak children’s interests in the world they live in. How About Now? is a solution for building a better future.

The Process

Our life began with a business plan, a feasibility study and research and analysis into patterns of giving. After much planning, a board of dedicated volunteers came together, 501c3 status was obtained, fundraisers were held and work began.

So many talented people have already helped along the way that HAN? has steadily gained momentum through the energy and generosity and power of those who care.

With this site, we introduce ourselves to the donor and granting community, to parents and the non-profits we will serve. Our goal? Simply to help nurture the next generation of philanthropists.

Little girl with donated art supplies

When will all of this happen?

That depends. We need your support. If you can help – with donations of time or skills, grants, grant writing, financial donations – we’ll bring you a full-featured, convenient, fun and easy-to-use site to support what is best for the youth of today and tomorrow. We sincerely thank you and welcome you to our support community!

How did How About Now? Get the name?

It was so fitting that Megan and Eric’s son, who was born in Guatemala and who awakened them to the original challenge of teaching their children about life in the third world, was also the spontaneous creator of the name: How About Now?

Louie Pedro, Megan and Eric's youngest son, as any kid does, would ask questions such as, 'Want to go to the playground? Want to play trains? Can I have a snack?' As a typical busy Mom, Megan might have responded with, "Yes, but hold on...not yet.” Without hesitation, Louie Pedro would promptly challenge: "How about Now?" Sometimes again and again and again. Even again, moments later: “Howwww about now?”

With Louie’s questioning, the name for this non-profit was created.

How about Now?.....we start exposing our young children to social issues and giving.

How about Now?.....we realize that NOW really is the time to support the efforts of those working for a better world.

It is possible that we will not find the 'right time' or 'perfect time' to sit down and teach our children what they need to know to contribute to a healthy future, much less give them a way to actually create the change themselves.

Therefore, we ask you and ourselves, HOW ABOUT NOW?